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Remember those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

Hebrews 13:3



City of Refuge has completed sponsorships from many different countries in Africa, including Cameroon, Eritrea, Egypt, Burundi, Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.



As Germany, France and other European countries contend with an unprecedented influx of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, shocking tales of women and children drowning in the Mediterranean Sea are repeated over and over by media networks worldwide. 

But the distress over refugees landing in Europe has overshadowed the efforts of African countries also grappling with refugee emergencies. While European nations seek to limit the “economic” refugees as opposed to asylum seekers, Ethiopia, for example, is taking in thousands of refugees from neighbouring countries.

According to the United Nations, developing countries, mostly in Africa, are taking in a disproportionate number of refugees — currently 80% of the world’s refugee population. Refugees hosted in developing countries put enormous pressure on water and health care systems in host communities.


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